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Our trading team is ready to coach you.

Learn trading from the experts

We have 135+ years experience in the stock, futures, and options markets.

Our team of professional trader/instructors are the best options for a comprehensive financial trading and wealth building education. All of our instructors have been trading their own accounts for years plus they are Masterminds through intensive training in the fields of Equities, Futures, Forex, Options, and long term Investing. They live, sleep, eat, and breathe developing and testing strategies to make trades with calculated risks and higher probabilities of success.


Our team believes that anyone that comes to us knows their WHY and we strive to help them achieve their WANT! Hard core education training, repetition, mentoring, osmosis, back-testing, dissecting, forward testing, and more practice is what we teach every trader that enlists us for their financial trading education. Our goal is to make traders WINNERS!

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Learn about our Trading Experience and successful projects

1970. Licensed Futures Broker on CBOT/CME

Develops trading and hedging for agricultural giants ConAgra and ADM.

1980. Buys seat on Minneapolis Exchange

Starts Agland, Inc. an NFA registered brokerage and cash trading firm.

1990. Growth of company in several states

Started a Petfood Manufacturing and Trading business. Introducing broker of futures and options for other grain, feed, feedlot, and ethanol producers.

2015. Opened a trade room for individuals to trade stocks, forex, futures, ETFs and options.

Decided to give back the knowledge acquired over the many years of trading and opened a trade room to bring traders together.

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Meet our team

Our team of experts have been members of our Core Trading Associates “A Trade Room” with over 20+ plus active traders for two or more years.


The members of the trade room take popular strategies as well as developing “In House” strategies and dissect, back-test, forward test, and continually improve the strategies risk and reward probabilities.


The more seasoned associates mentor members on-location as well as on-line. Collaboration is conducted as a group where help is needed as well as one-on-one if requested. While we are traders first, with our advanced experience we seek to help others to become more informed traders and long-term wealth investors.

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