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Core Trading Associates “A Trade Room”

Become a member and trade live with our group.

Benefit from our proprietary CTA Daily Road Map at 8am and CTA Next day map at 5:30 pm.


Using the 5 futures /ES, /CL, /GC, /US, /C AND /EC .

Core Trading - Trade Room

On site

in Overland Park, KS

$200 per month

or a single payment of $1920.00 per year.


7am to 3:30 pm central


  • Trade your own account around traders like you
  • Go over popular strategies and dissect, back test, and forward test them.
  • Develop our own in-house strategies and mentor our members.
  • Access to our instructor/trader trades through SLACK membership
Online Trade Room


Through zoom conferencing

$95 per month

or a single payment of $912.00 per year.


CTA Daily Road Map 8 to 830 am central, Monday thru Friday.
9 to 11 am central and 1 to 3 pm central Monday, Wednesday, Friday for Trading.


  • CTA Daily Road Map
  • Live Trading with Wayne, John, Leland, and other instructor/traders
  • Access to our instructor/trader trades though SLACK membership. You will be a member of our trades in SLACK as they are made and then outcomes.

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