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Wayne Sandberg


Wayne Sandberg

Has been trading since his junior year in high school. His father enlisted he and his brother to buy grain from farmers and market to elevators, feed lots, processors, and exporters.


As time passed he has owned a seat on a futures exchange and been an introducing futures broker. Wayne developed trading, hedging, and marketing of ingredients for major corporation and eventually owned his own trading and processing firm with facilities from Minnesota thru Texas. Wayne retired briefly in 2015 but decided to give back what has been a blessing to him by opening “A Trade Room” and training others. As a no nonsense coach he says it like it is and pulls no punches in his approach to presentations of various strategies.


His knowledge in trading of futures and options on futures is 2nd to none and his world renowned long term investment strategy “CTA Yellow Brick Road” is a benchmark copied by hedge funds, institutional and others.