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    Investment Risk Disclaimer and Release of Liability

    The information made available is for educational purposes only. Core Trading, LLC dba Core Trading Associates and CTA Options (collectively referred to as “CTA”), its agents, directors, employees and other members and participants in the Trade Room and related trade groups (Trade Room and trading groups are hereafter defined as on-line virtual or on-site) do not recommend, advocate or solicit the buying, selling or holding of any investment, the use of any investment choosing methodology, the use of any particular financial tools or particular trading platform, or the use of any particular financial planner, advisor or broker dealer. Trading and investing always involves high levels of risk. Any money allocated to trading and investing may be lost in its entirety, at any time. Members, participants and individuals alone are responsible for any trading or investing activity that they might undertake. Demonstrations of trading processes (including but not limited to choosing an investment and making a trade) presented by anyone in theTrade Room or trading groups are not a representation or prediction that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those discussed or shown as a part of the demonstration. Members, participants, individuals and instructors in the Trade Room and trading groups may, from time to time, express personal opinions and related supporting information for opinions, and other Members, participants and individuals shall not hold such opinions and information accountable for individual actions. Future results can be dramatically different from the possibilities that will be presented in the Trade Room and trading groups. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Member, participant and individual participation in the Trade Room and trading group constitutes acceptance of all the above.

    It is the responsibility of the individual signing this Investment Risk Disclaimer to actively invest/trade securities and/or other financial instruments only for the signors own account at an appropriate financial firm that utilizes the electronic transmissions of securities and other financial instruments to execute trades for its customers. The Trade Room exists solely as a meeting place of fellow traders that are in an atmosphere with other individuals with many of the same trading interests. Members, participants and individuals acknowledge that individual performance depends upon the individual skills, time availability, and dedication of their own trade plan and rules. Any open and shared information provided by CTA, its agents, directors, employees and other Members or participants in the Trade Room and trade groups shall not be construed as a recommendation or an offer to buy or sell any security or the suitability of any investment strategy. The purchase, sale or advice regarding any security, other financial instrument or system can only be performed by a licensed Industry representative such as, but not limited to a Broker/Dealer, Introducing Broker, FCM and/or Registered Investment Advisor, Member Broker or Portfolio Manager. Options involve risk and are not suitable for all investors. A copy of Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options should be read before trading any options.

    The individual or entity whose name appears below attests that all Members and individuals in the Trade Room will be trading their own account on their own platforms and devices and will not hold anyone in the group or running the group liable for loss of money or physical or mental conditions arising from participation in the group or observing any presentations, trades, or information given. Damage to or theft of equipment is not the responsibility of the Trade Room or CTA. There will be trading screens projected and white board information written from time to time furnished by participants in group but no information will be guaranteed to perform in the positive by members participating in the trade. Any and all trades by anyone that is in the room takes those trades solely on their own volition. Members will be asked to follow certain trading asset classes and to inform members if zones are near for possible trading opportunity that other members may want to participate in trading.

    To the extent permitted by law, CTA disclaims all warranties, express or implied, with respect to the premises and the services. CTA shall not be liable under any legal or equitable theory for (i) any special, indirect, incidental, punitive, compensatory or consequential damages of any kind whatsoever. Without limitation to the foregoing, the individual or entity whose signature appears below, on behalf themselves and their agents, personal representatives, successors, heirs, and assigns, hereby voluntarily agree to release, waive, forever discharge and hold harmless CTA, its Members and employees from any and all liability and all claims, actions, or losses which may arise from the actions of other Members or third parties on the premises.